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Family or Whole House Rentals
Law Firm Whole House Rentals

Law Firm Whole House Rentals
The Caldwell House, due to its being located only 2 blocks north of the Vermilion Parish Courthouse, serves as a comfortable accommodation for law firms wishing to house its attorneys, experts and witnesses in complete privacy and comfort during a trial.  The Caldwell House has experience in law firm rentals and this arrangement aids the attorneys in having a "base" where they can work, meet and concentrate on the trial while The Caldwell staff takes care of everything else.
Below are some of the services The Caldwell House provides during law firm rentals:
  • With advance notice, the entire home is reserved for the attorneys, paralegals, witnesses, and experts for an extended period of time;
  • Five bedrooms with private baths are available and, if an additional room is needed, Evening Shade serves as a bedroom for one person with a private bath across the hall;
  • Prior to the rental, a menu for lunch and dinner is prepared by Caldwell staff and scheduled with its caterer for the entire length of the stay, based on the law firm's approval;
    • Breakfast is served daily, both continental and hot foods;
    • A light lunch is served at the appropriate time when the trial breaks for lunch;
    • A full hot dinner is served to attorneys and their staff; and with advance notice, The Caldwell will serve dinner to others not staying in the home such as witnesses, etc.;
  • Caldwell staff will assist with rental of office equipment from a local company, such as copy machines, printers, etc.
  • Caldwell staff will run necessary errands such as bringing laundry to cleaners, purchasing office supplies, picking up items from a grocery store, and anything else needed by the firm.

To inquire about a law firm rental or reserve The Caldwell House for a trial, call 337-909-0050.

We will be happy to furnish references from other attorneys who have reserved The Caldwell House during a trial.